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Nepal Visa

Before travelling to Nepal, tourists can obtain a visa through the Embassy of Nepal if there is one in their country or they will receive a visa upon arrival in Nepal at the Immigration Office. All formalities are processed at Kathmandu airport immediately upon arrival and payment of the required fee.
Nepal visa fees:
Up to 15 days                   - USD 25
Up to 30 days                   - USD 40
Up to 90 days                   - USD 100
Children under the age of 10 receive the visa free of charge.

Tourists can extend their visa by paying 2 USD for each additional day (these fees may be subject to official increases). The visa may be extended for up to a maximum of 150 days.  If you’re late in renewing your visa, a fine of US$3 per day will be added to the renewal fee (which may be subject to official increases). There is an immigration office at every border crossing point in Nepal, so obtaining a visa shouldn’t be a problem, whether you are travelling by land from China, India or by plane directly to the Tribhuvan International Airport.
Citizens of Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Liberia, Swaziland, Somalia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine should apply for visas prior to their departure to Nepal.

You can now also apply for a visa online at the following address:
Department of Immigration, Nepal
When using the online visa form, you must print a confirmation with a barcode and present this document with a copy of your passport at the airport’s Immigration Office.
If you are applying for a visa at the Kathmandu airport, the steps are as follows:
Step 1:
Fill in the Arrival Card. You will often get this form from the stewardesses on your flight to Kathmandu, and if not, you will find it in the arrival hall.
Then, at the special stands - Kiosks - at the airport, in the arrivals hall, fill in the "Tourist Visa Form". You’ll receive the Visa Application Receipt and with this receipt go to the cashier to pay for your visa.
Step 2
Make a payment at the correct booth - anyone can tell you where to go. You will receive a payment confirmation. It is worth having the exact amount in dollars with you.
Step 3
Go to the Immigration Office booths with the visa application confirmation in from the Kiosk, payment confirmation and passport. The Immigration Office official will issue your visa after they have checked the documents.
It is always worth carrying one passport photo with you, in case the KIOSK system at the airport is not working.