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Mountain Flight

An hour mountain flight is an excellent way to experience the closest view of the worlds' highest mountains. If for some reason you cannot plan your trekking or climbing and you want to see the Himalayas at least for a short while - only the mountain flight could provide you this opportunity.  During the mountain flight, you will see Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Lhoste, Mt. Makalu and Mt. Cho Oyu that are above 8000 m tall and the rest of the endlessly extending Himalayas range. Mountain flights are operated every day in the morning when the weather is clear. If the weather is bad, you can postpone your flight for the next day and if it is not possible for you, you will get a full refund. This could really be an amazing experience in your life if you love mountains.
Among the few ways to experience the Nepal Himalaya mountain flight off course is the best way to take the glance at the world's highest peak Mt. Everest just 20 miles away from your window seat in few minutes of flying from Kathmandu. You might think that mountains flights are risky but in fact, it is not as risky as you think because these flights are operated by very experienced pilots and the success history is really good. Due to the current busy time schedule or physically not being fit enough are the reasons that all the people do not have time to experience the Himalaya by trekking so only these mountain flights make possible to see the stunning Himalaya peaks within very short time.
The helicopter tour is another way to experience the Himalaya by flying however it is more costly than regular mountain flights but you can explore the area very well and get closer to stunning peaks and glacier. Usually, the helicopter sightseeing tour is planned for 3-4 hours and you can stop for a cup of tea or breakfast in Himalaya and observe these stunning peaks and enjoy them as ordinary trekkers are doing.
Apart from the mountain flight and helicopter tour, you can also explore Nepal Himalaya by paragliding, domestic flights and Ultra flight from Pokhara which is very popular among the travelers who love to see the mountains while flying  

Nepal Excursion Treks Pvt. Ltd organizes mountain flight every day! Prices of these mountain flights are varying depending on your choice of regular mountain flight, helicopter tour, paragliding etc.  So for more information regarding the price and booking of mountain flight contact us