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About Us

Gokarna Bhetuwal is the tour operator of Nepal Excursion Treks. He started his career as a porter in 2006. After a year he started working as a guide and continued until 2012. Now, if only he has time, he returns to the treks in the Himalayas with great pleasure. Since 2012 he has been working as an independent tour operator and manager. He has been in most of the trekking regions of Nepal and he can provide true information what is there. Thanks to his excellent professional performance and outstanding customer care, every year he has many returning and recommended new customers from all over the world.
He graduated from Business Management, which helps him to handle administrative matters smoothly.

Barbara LiÅ›kiewicz, a representative of Nepal Excursion Treks in Poland has been dreaming of trekking in the Nepalese Himalayas since she was a teenager.  At the age of 17 – having read "My Vertical World" by Jerzy Kukuczka – she decided she had to see the Himalayas one day. However, she had to wait for 23 years to make her dream come true. Now she has been to most of the popular trekking trails of Nepal and she can’t stop being in the Himalayas so she still visits new trails and returns to those she has already been to. Thanks to this, she often provides information based on her own experience acquired during trekking in Nepal. She is a very hardworking and responsible woman. She is looking forward to sharing her experience of trekking and tours in the different region of Nepal. Feel free to write or call her for any information regarding the holiday in Nepal.
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